OnMed - Oncology Medical Devices AB

OnMed Oncology Medical Devices AB (OnMed AB) is a company promoted by Swedish J & K Adductor Group AB. The company has its head office at Stockholm, Sweden.

BionMed Technologies

BionMed Technologies GmbH is the manufacturer of SENNEX® . Established in 1995, BionMed is a fully owned subsidiary of OnMed AB. The company has a quality management DIN ISO 13485 certification.

Regional Operations

OnMed India Private Limited is a 100% subsidiary of Oncology Medical Devices AB. The company has its head office in the capital city of New Delhi. India has been at the forefront of our activities. SENNEX® is now used in several Indian cities with very good results. Tata Cancer Hospital, India’s leading cancer hospital, has undertaken an impact study of ElectroChemoTherapy on a wide variety of head and neck cancer tumors in collaboration with OnMed India. Discussions are ongoing to extend the same for breast cancer tumors. Onmed India is the main marketing communication hub for our global operations.

OnMed Middle East manages operations for the GCC countries. The head office for OnMed Middle East is conveniently and strategically based in Dubai, UAE, a city easily accessible for all our regional representatives in GCC. Located in Jumeirah, the office acts as a center for regional business and marketing activities. 

OnMed West Africa, with its head office in Ghana, is active in sales and distribution for the entire ECOWAS region. The SENNEX® center here is treating patients on a weekly basis. We are preparing a directory/case report which will be published soon. The data is taken from hundreds of patients treated in our center or our branch offices in the region. OnMed is an approved supplier to government hospitals in this region.

OnMed East Africa is headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya, where we do comprehensive marketing and sales activities. Discussions with new distributors, key opinion leaders and doctors are organized here on regular basis. We are also actively looking for new business partners in this region in order to expand our technology to the healthcare centers here. The first unit for treatment will commence shortly.

OnMed ASEAN is located in Malaysia, which gives us convenient access to central registration system of the region. Here, we work with an exclusive regional partner for all our marketing and sales activities. Our head office is in the Southern Malaysia region, which has easy access from the entire South East. We are now in the process of obtaining the commercialization permit in five neighboring countries through this center.

OnMed OCEAN manages activities in Australia and New Zealand. Here, we are headquartered in Auckland, New Zealand.  All comprehensive marketing and sales activities are done through this office. High presence of melanoma in this region makes our presence here very critical. We have a co-operation at university level between New Zealand and Sweden in order to establish ECT into the routine treatment protocols for melanoma in the region. The efforts have been specifically enhanced since ECT has been approved and now appears in NICE treatment protocols for melanoma in medical text books.

We have started operations in Ankara, Turkey in collaboration with DG Med, an experienced distributor in the field of medical technology and technical support. OnMed Turkey offers treatments and support services to hospitals all over Turkey.

SENNEX Advanced Tumor System is registered in Russia and Kazakhstan. We are in discussion with private medical centres for introducing SENNEX facility in these regions. The Aragon Group is our exclusive distributor for Russia.