May 2020

CE Certificate

Sennex successfully passed the strict recertification process of the CE certificate after fulfilling MEDDEV/MDR’s criteria.

This makes Sennex the only affordable certified device on the oncology horizon. Quality certificates are getting stricter in order to make sure that ONLY qualified manufacturers can offer a product to cancer patients who are in need of electrochemotherapy treatment.

OnMed oncology Medical devices AB in Stockholm takes this opportunity to express our sincere interest in:

– Scientific collaboration on research projects

– Conducting multicentre studies in oncology

– Providing you with the State-of-the-Art cancer treatment for your palliative oncology practices

We have been strongly enhancing our training preparations at Swedish universities in order to make sure this treatment’s modality will be properly learnt and further on established.

April 2019

Health 2019 Exhibition and Conference, Syria

The healthcare system in Syria today is quickly going through the reconstruction and rehabilitation of Hospitals and the establishment of regular and professional medical services. There is an urgent need for modern hospital equipments and supplies for intensive care and surgery in addition to Oncology. The healthcare system is welcoming innovative ideas in every sector to regain the momentum and equip the centers with qualified functional products.

As a result, Onmed, Sweden  made the decision to co-exhibit with our exclusive Lebanese business partner (TANIT Group)  in the Syria Health 2019 Exhibition and Conference. The Sennex electrochemotherapy device was hugely welcomed by the audience and we gave a thorough exhibit of this therapy method to the wide spectrum of the Syrian medical and Healthcare decision makers and professionals.

After sales activities will follow through our Lebanese agent to make sure proper training and use of Electrochemotherapy will soon be made available in selected centers in Syria.

January 2019

India – Bhubaneswar oncology seminar for ElectroChemotherapy

A comprehensive seminar on Electrochemotherapy was held in Bhubaneswar for the top oncologists and onco-surgeons practicing in this region. Around 20 participants attended and observed the most recent developments in ECT successes. Soon we will start the first clinical study in India with more than 500 cases on head, neck and breast cancers in Bhubaneswar.

January 2019


The first ECT treatment cases with Sennex started at the All Indian Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) as it is the number one oncology sector in New Delhi. Since last month, a regular flow of patients are being treated at AIIMS India with very satisfactory results. Onmed team attended an intensive yet comprehensive presentation and an educational meeting together with our exclusive distributor and top onco-surgeons in New Delhi.

December 2018


Co-operation commenced with the first installation of Sennex device at University Hospital of Inselspital in Bern, Switzerland. Through the Swiss distributor, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Netherlands and France will be covered in sales and marketing activities.

November 2018

Medica international exhibition on medical devices, Dusseldorf, Germany

The entire management team of Onmed visited the exhibition for a meeting with notified body regarding certification renewal and to discuss the procedures for new products/applicators development. Some side meetings as well as a distribution contract was also drafted between Onmed and the distributor in Switzerland.

September 2018

Recertification progress according to MEDDEV 2.7-1 Rev.4 for Clinical Evaluation Report

A detailed clinical evaluation report as an obligatory component of re-certification was prepared and communicated successfully with the notified body. This report has been accurately drafted as per requirements of latest version of medical directory guidelines of MEDDEV 2.7-1 Rev.4 while covering all qualified publications issues since our former CE certification (almost 500 pages).

July 2018

Ankara, Turkey

Onmed’s strategic partner in Turkey, DG Med Company (, put the progress bar at a higher level. The first ECT treatment in Turkey was successfully performed on 4th of July 2018 at a reference hospital in Ankara, Turkey. A definitive bright future is expected now thanks to entire team of DG Med, who made this treatment available to the cancer patients in Turkey.

June 2018

Onmed Applicator AB

Considering the increasing need in different therapy options and to widen the spectrum of Electrochemotherapy treatment for hard-to-reach areas of body and head & neck malignancies, a subsidiary company called Onmed Applicator AB was incorporated. The company has been formed in order to co-operate with the research department of Örebro University with the purpose to develop new and advanced electrochemotherapy hand pieces and applicators.

This will significantly increase the target group of the patients to be treated with the newly approved treatment modality.

Onmed signed a Letter of Intent (LOI) with Region Örebro for commencing ElectroChemotherapy treatments with a Sennex device at this reputable university hospital. One Sennex unit is installed at the University hospital. Onmed expects to have the second installation in the near future. We are also welcoming the same cooperation route with any other oncology center in Sweden/Scandinavia.

June 2018

Örebro, Sweden

Sennex treatment session as part of the second International training course of Sennex electrochemotherapy at Örebro University Hospital.

May 2018

Official launch

Official launch of Sennex, together with major players in oncology field, happened in the first week of May. Successful launch of device installation in one day at Hamad Medical Corporation, together with NanoKnife. We are expecting to have more participants from Qatar at our international training course by the end of this month to educate them on the treatment techniques and to receive diplomas. See more details under DIPLOMA on our site.

April 2018

Doha, Qatar

Thanks to our exclusive distributor, Mazaya Medical Company, a comprehensive training session was held both for onco-surgeons and onco-dermatologists in Doha, Qatar.

The first unit of Sennex was delivered to our agent in Qatar and subsequently a detailed hands-on session for device demonstration took place for around 30 oncologists in Hamad Medical Corporation hospital and afterwards the same was presented to around 25 interested dermatologists and dermatologist doctors in Al Amal Hospital in Qatar.

The idea and potential for ECT treatment is widely welcomed. We were warmly received by the CEO of the department, professor Knuth who allocated a specific session to discuss further cooperation opportunities with their center.

April 2018

Royal Hospital, Oman

As part of a regional visit to the OnMed distributors, the first official presentation of Sennex took place at Oman Cancer Association.

First unit of Sennex is to be installed in Royal Hospital in Oman. It was a pleasure meeting with Dr Waheed, the president of Oman Cancer Association, together with our exclusive agent Omanmed.

April 2018

Esmo Summit

OnMed attended ESMO SUMMIT 2018 from the 6-7 April 2018 in order to demonstrate our Sennex Electrochemotherapy device for more than 300 oncologists and onco-surgeons who attended the ESMO congress.

Our booth was warmly welcomed by interested visitors who discovered a new treatment modality available for head & neck, breast and dermatological malignancies.

Presentation session to panel management of ESMO congress, Dr Baseem from Oman.

March 2018


Onmed finalized the registration of Sennex in Morocco thanks to our appointed exclusive distributor, Venus Farma, in Casablanca. The first unit was ordered and is scheduled to be installed in Morocco during June 2018.

March 2018

Isfahan, Iran

Sennex is being presented at the immune-oncology congress in Isfahan, Iran and soon we will have our next installation in an onco-dermatology clinic. This will be our second installation in this market and we are aiming for four more centers by the end of the year.

February 2018

Örebro, Sweden

OnMed and Region Örebro County (Sweden) have reached an agreement for an order of 150 SENNEX® treatment sets.

The ECT treatments are to be performed at the ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat) and Oncology departments at Örebro University Hospital.

February 2018

Dermatology Congress, Isfahan

OnMed distributor in Iran, Eskan Teb Asia, attended the Dermatology Congress in Isfahan, Iran, to showcase SENNEX® to the 18 other companies and 300 visiting doctors taking part in the event.

61 of the attendees signed up to receive in-depth information on electrochemotherapy (ECT) and SENNEX® via email and our printed catalogue. Several doctors are already in the process of scheduling visits for Eskan Teb Asia at their respective organisation.

January 2018

AIIMS, New Delhi

OnMed visited the All India Institutes of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) in New Delhi as a part of the ongoing installation of a SENNEX®. Dr. Fredrik Landström, held an on-site SENNEX® Diploma course for doctors working at AIIMS New Delhi, which makes them eligible to conduct ECT treatments using SENNEX®. AIIMS is a growing group of public autonomous medical colleges located across India.

More information on the All India Institutes of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) can be found on their website.

January 2018


During our visit to Dubai a comprehensive meeting with our strategic partners, IK healthcare, was held to discuss the development of ECT in the Middle East through SENNEX®-Emirates.

The focus was mainly on discussing regional plans for the expansion of SENNEX® into the GCC and at a larger scale in MENA (Middle East & North Africa) region. For more info please visit:

January 2018

Arab Health 2018

The clinical affairs manager of OnMed, Dr Stefan Kristiansson, is discussing future strategies for the installation of SENNEX® ECT technology within the Saudi Arabian Kingdom at Arab Health 2018, together with a delegate from Al Salehiya Medical Company.

Our exclusive distributor in the Saudi Arabian Kingdom, Al Salehiya Medical Company, managed to receive and supervise the first SENNEX® in this territory. For more details see the website:

January 2018

Arab Health 2018

OnMed was warmly welcomed by numerous visitors during Arab Health 2018 exhibition in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, in late January.

Regional meetings with our different country distributors were held in conjunction with the exhibition, in which they were given the opportunity to share their questions and experiences with OnMed together with our clinical affairs manager and the entire Global Business Development team.

Featured below is the meeting with our exclusive agent in Egypt. For more details visit:

January 2018

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

OnMed representatives visited the kingdom of Saudi Arabia in January to attend a meeting with oncology decision makers at the Specialized Medical Center (SMC) in Riyadh, together with Saudi Key Opinion leaders on palliative breast cancer care at this center.

In addition, OnMed clinical affairs manager, Dr Stefan Kristiansson, held a lecture with top Saudi oncologists in Jeddah, at King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Center where the first SENNEX® will be installed for Head & Neck oncocare. The lecture and the following meeting was attended by delegates from the Ministry of Health and the person in charge of the Saudi Oncology Society.

January 2018


OnMed representatives held a meeting with our exclusive agent in Sudan, who has already taken delivery of a SENNEX® in Khartoum.

Dr Stefan Kristiansson from OnMed, commercial delegates and Key Opinion Leaders from Sudan are discussing the utilization of SENNEX® as a new treatment of Keloids, which is to be implemented in Sudan under a controlled and qualified study by OnMed.

November 2017

Letter of intent, Örebro County

OnMed and Region Örebro County have signed a letter of intent (LOI), with the vision to collaborate in the development of ECT. The LOI has been signed with the intention to establish a Center of Excellence at the University Hospital of Örebro (USÖ).

USÖ has been a pioneer in the palliative treatment of cancer tumors using ECT and has also been at the forefront of using the technique for curative treatments. USÖ is also involved in preclinical and clinical research concerning ECT.

OnMed and Region Örebro County will also explore the possibility to form a partnership for treatment of patients from abroad.

October 2017

Örebro, Sweden

In October 2017, OnMed held its first course in ECT, in collaboration with Region Örebro. The course took place at Örebro University Hospital. Doctors and Distributors from five different countries attended the course, which included lectures and a workshop. The participants received diplomas confirming that they are qualified to use the SENNEX® system in their practice. More comments may be found in the attached video.

A second course in ECT is scheduled to take place end of May 2018. More information regarding dates and registration procedure will follow.

October 2017

Antalya, Turkey

DGMed, OnMed’s partner in Turkey, attended the Turkish Society of Internal Medicine 19th National Congress 2017 (TIHUD 2017) held in Antalya, Turkey, to demonstrate SENNEX®. The 5-day congress is the most prestigious and well-attended medical conference in Turkey with more than 3000 physicians attending in 2017.

More information on the conference is available here.

September 2017

Virginia, USA

The highly anticipated Second World Congress on Electroporation and Pulsed Electric Fields in Biology, Medicine and Food & Environmental Technologies, was held in late September in Norfolk, Virginia, USA. The Congress included lectures on various uses of electroporation, from food pasteurization to gene editing and more.

Dr Fredrik Landström, Head and neck surgeon at Örebro University Hospital, took part in the Congress and gave lectures on ECT for curative treatment of cancer tumors.

More information about the Congress may be found on their website.

September 2017


The Swedish Agency for Health Technology Assessment and Assessment of Social Services (SBU) has released an enquiry response about electrochemotherapy (ECT). The SBU is one of the oldest health technology assessment organisations in the world, which is tasked by the Swedish government with assessing health care and social service interventions from a broad perspective, covering medical, economic, ethical and social aspects.   The report is available in Swedish here. A translated version is available here.

August 2017

Onmed team reinforcement

We are glad to inform that Mr. Khalid Khalil has joined OnMed as our new Country Manager. Mr. Khalil is a Jordanian national currently residing in Bahrain. He graduated as a Bachelor of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences in Jordan in 1996 and has since acquired 19 years of experience in several multinational companies in the medical and pharmaceutical field. Mr. Khalil’s experience working in both the private and public sector is a great asset, which will be of substantial benefit to the company.

June 2017

Mashhad, Iran

Following the complete registration of SENNEX® in the Ministry of Health in Iran, the first ECT treatment in the country was performed on the 20th June 2017 at Imam Reza Oncology hospital in Mashhad. We are very pleased to have taken our first steps in this huge market.

June 2017

Team development, Örebro

We had the pleasure of gathering the team for a development meeting at our office at Alfred Nobel Science Park in Örebro. The meeting will be an immensely important step towards improving the SENNEX® technology and further strengthening OnMed’s position in the marketplace. This will enable more hospitals to treat additional patients in an easier and more effective way.

From left: Dr. Fredrik Landström, Thomas Warnke (CEO), Oscar Hiller (Public Relations Manager), Leif Rickardsson (CFO), Tommy Hiller (International Sales Director), Rude Klereby (Chairman)


May 2017

International ECT course at Örebro University Hospital

An International Course in Electrochemotherapy will be held together with Örebro University Hospital the 12th and 13th of October. If you wish to register or if you have any questions, contact The formal invitation and schedule can be found below. Last day to register is on Friday the 8th of September.

May 2017


On May 2017, we signed an exclusive distribution agreement with AKSIA Healthcare in Kuwait. We will be focusing more on the governmental sector in Kuwait. The registration process has already been started!

April 2017

Turkey distribution agreement

The director of DG Med from Ankara, Turkey, is visiting! We have signed an exclusivity agreement with DG Med for distribution in Turkey and are currently under the process of registration. The first SENNEX® installation is set to happen by the end of June 2017, which is when the registration is calculated to be completed.

October 2016

Örebro University Hospital

We received a top oncologist from Iran to pioneer our ECT operations in Iran. Hands-on training for this KOL at Örebro University Hospital in Sweden.

May 2016

Cape Town, South Africa

A new exclusive distribution contract is signed with Health Tech Sciences Company in Cape Town, South Africa. Registration documents for obtaining the NAPPI code was submitted and the first SENNEX® unit was shipped to Cape Town. The first trial period started afterwards in Mediclinic Panorama, the reference hospital for oncology patients.

April 2016

LSMO oncology forum, Beirut

OnMed participated in the exhibition LSMO oncology forum in Beirut together with our exclusive distributor for the region (TANIT Group). The SENNEX® stand had the highest number of visitors during the fair, demonstrating the immense interest professionals have in the technology.

March 2016

New Zealand

Our exclusive distributor in New Zealand orders the first demo unit according to our contract. Demonstration of SENNEX® for its first appearance in the New Zealand market.

January 2016

Arab Health Exhibition, Emirates

SENNEX® was demonstrated at Arab Health Exhibition in the Emirates for many interested new potential distributors in the Middle East & North Africa.

The 2016 exhibition showcased over 4,000 companies, exhibiting their latest innovations to more than 130,000 healthcare professionals attending from 163 countries, making the Arab Health Exhibition a great tool for demonstrating SENNEX® to potential distributors.

January 2016


Our first regional meeting with distributors in the Middle East region from Lebanon, Jordan, Algeria, Sudan and UAE.

The first educational symposium is held in Marina View Hotel, Dubai. 11 top oncologists of Pakistan are attending to become more familiar with the technology and to prepare themselves for a successful launch in Pakistan.

December 2015

Helix Pharma

The stressful last days of 2015 were well compensated by the successful appointment of Helix Pharma in Pakistan.

Helix Pharma is part of Hakimsons Private Limited Group, a conglomerate of companies with around 60 years of experience in the Pakistani market and full of knowledge required in order to penetrate and  successfully launch the concept of ElectroChemotherapy for the first time in Pakistan.

Right after the contract signature, we plan to later have a live-training for around 15 top oncologists, onco-surgeons and heads of important hospitals in our regional platform in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

November 2015

Düsseldorf, Germany

Winter is here and OnMed starts looking into a warm and sunny Middle East whilst discovering the overseas market. A short visit and demonstration of SENNEX® at the Medica exhibition in Germany has proven to be fruitful.

November 2015

Obex Medical

Following a few months of negotiations, the exclusive agent in New Zealand has been appointed. Obex Medical is one of the top 5 medical device distributors, well-known in the Oceanian continent for their professionalism and responsibility when it comes to the successful launching of business projects.

We agreed to conduct a training course through a seminar to be held in Auckland later in 2016 and preferably have the first installation with our agent to enable them to demonstrate the SENNEX® around the country.

October 2015

Dr Riyadh Hossein

We are happy to receive Dr Riyadh Hossein, the top onco-surgeon from Iraq, who is visiting us for in-depth training at our headquarters in Stockholm.

October 2015

Eskan Teb Asia

Following numerous negotiations with many interested parties for penetration into the Iranian market, OnMed decides to sign the exclusivity agreement with Eskan Teb Asia in Tehran and start a complicated process of registration in this huge market. The agent pays a visit to the headquarters in Stockholm as well as the SENNEX® installation center in Örebro.

Upon returning back to Stockholm, the registration requirements are communicated with the regulatory team of SENNEX® and the job commences. The process, from what we know, will take at least 2 years. We are hopeful that this complicated process will move ahead smoothly thanks to our full preparedness in terms of documentations and also the efficacy of our appointed distributor.

October 2015

Eastern Europe

Timing is great for SENNEX® to increase its presence within the European market. After years of successful presence in Germany, Poland, etc., focus is now on Eastern Europe. An exclusive distribution agreement is being signed by a young, yet experienced partner in Lithuania who will in the meantime cover the Latvian market for us, as well.

A training course is being performed at the university oncological hospital in Kaunas, which the whole sales team and the clinical participants attended. The first installation of SENNEX® takes place straight after  the registration in Lithuania is completed.

September 2015

Khartoum, Sudan

OnMed makes further progress, this time in the central African region. An exclusive contract is being signed with an experienced distributing company in Khartoum, Sudan. The registration process is quite extensive and bureaucratic, but SENNEX® manages to bring it under control after obtaining proper documentations for this specific market and legalizing them in relevant authorities. The first unit of SENNEX® is afterwards ordered and installed at the Oncology Hospital of Khartoum in Sudan.

August and September 2015

Middle East progress

OnMed makes great progress by creating a regional platform in the United Arab Emirates. In a matter of a few months we sign exclusivity agreements with Jordan, Dubai and Algeria. Following that, a regional meeting including clinical and sales training is being performed in Dubai, for our team members from Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Algeria and Jordan. SENNEX® is fully certified and registration immediately starts in different regions. Thanks to our efficient and qualified distributors, the registration process is handled with ease.

April 2015


An exclusivity contract is being signed with an Iraqi partner. Thanks to a full documentation dossier of OnMed, registration is brief in Kimadia (Iraq Health Authority) and SENNEX® eases its way into this market. The agent visits the OnMed headquarters in Stockholm together with a key opinion onco-surgeon and they are now trained and certified at the university hospital in Örebro. Following that, the first unit of SENNEX® is shipped to Baghdad where it will initially stay for a trial period along with the purpose of demonstration to other countries and areas like Kurdistan and Erbil in the Northern part.

March 2015

Distribution agreement, Bangladesh

OnMed signs exclusive distribution agreement with a local Bangladeshi company and registration starts shortly after. The representative of OnMed visits the distributor team and performs comprehensive training for the team as well as demonstration of the ElectroChemotherapy function for clinicians. Forecasted quantity by our exclusive agent is six units of SENNEX® in major cities around the country. OnMed decides to limit installations to the agreed quantities and to focus more on the number of patients treated. The capacity is large enough to justify this mode of business.

March 2015

Beirut, Lebanon

OnMed appoints TANIT Group as its exclusive distributor in Lebanon to act as a hub for penetration into the Near East countries. Extensive training on the ElectroChemotherapy concept takes place in different private and governmental centers in Beirut. The first installation of SENNEX® is conducted in this period and Beirut is being used as a conduit into some surrounding countries including Syria, Iraq, Oman and Egypt.