Is your Sickness one of Blood, Brain, Bone, Testicles or Ovarian cancer?

Have you been diagnosed with any of Breast, Head & Neck, Skin, Gynecology, Digestive tract disease?

Do you have a bleeding, oozing or painful lump in your body that you can feel/see?

We are sorry to inform you that ECT is not likely to be a suitable treatment for your illness.

Please liaise with your doctor for advice.

It seems your illness could be treated by ECT.

In order to make sure and not give out any false hope we would like to look into this further.

With your permission your data will be sent to our clinical advisory team for review. Please submit any supporting documentation** that can help them make as precise a ruling as possible.  **For example (but not limited to) Your patient journal, Pathology report, Xray, CT Scan and MRI imaging report together with recent photos of the area.