Very Small Drug Dose

Bleomycin and Cisplatin are the two drugs recommended for SENNEX ElectroChemoTherapy (ECT) as per the European Standard Operating Procedure. Drug is delivered intra-tumorally and/or intravenously. Cisplatin is recommended only for intra-tumoral use.

Very small dose of anti-therapeutic drug is needed.  Dose is calculated as per tumour size. It is always substantially lower than the dose used for traditional chemotherapy. Exact formula for calculating dosage is available in the SENNEX Operating Manual. Usually no major adverse side-effects are seen as drug dose is very small. For more on this, click here. (Go to precautions.)

SENNEX ECT Increases the efficacy of Bleomycin by a factor of 300. Efficacy of Cisplatin also increases many-fold.

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