Excellent Tumour & Pain Control

  • Local tumour control: Tumour regression is the most important benefit. Even 100% tumour regression has been observed.
  • Pain control at tumour site: Around 50 to 90% pain relief has been reported by patients treated by SENNEX.
  • Tumour management: SENNEX ECT treatment can reduce other symptoms like oozing and bleeding from tumour.
  • Improved functioning: Reduced size of tumour or total regression allow reinstatement of functioning earlier blocked by tumour. Patients of head and mouth cancer tumours may improve their ability to swallow/eat/talk/ breathe.
  • Makes tumours operable: Large tumours can become resectable after size reduction due to SENNEX treatment, if other parameters are also favourable for surgery.
  • Usually no major side-effects:  Drug dose is considerably smaller when compared to traditional chemotherapy. Patient is spared the ill-effects of chemotherapeutic drugs associated with use of large doses in case of traditional chemotherapy. For more on this click here.
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