“I use ECT for palliative treatment fairly regularly .My patients almost always experience 50 to 90% pain relief and very considerable tumour regression.
We were also able to avoid surgery for a patient with Basal Cell Carcinoma. Two sessions of SENNEX ECT achieved total tumour regression and considerable reconstruction at the tip of the nose. “

– Dr. Vinod Gore, Onco-Surgeon, India

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“We have found SENNEX ECT very useful in skin carcinomas, head and neck cancers and breast cancers. In most of these cases, we have found ECT to be an effective palliative treatment.”

– Dr. Fredrik Landström Surgeon & ECT Specialist, Sweden

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“Very good results as a palliative therapy when administered with adjuvant therapy along with traditional chemotherapy.”

– Dr. Raj Nagarkar, Onco-Surgeon, India