Advanced Tumour

Greatly improved
long term treatment

Suitable for
several common

SENNEX® Tumour Therapy


The SENNEX® Tumour Therapy System is based on latest ECT technology, developed to be optimally easy to handle and cost efficient. It is in practical use in numerous hospitals in Europe, Russia, South East Asia and South America, West and South Africa, and the number is constantly increasing.

Strong benefits for patients

  • Greatly improved long term treatment results
  • Lower dosage of cytotoxic drugs – fewer side effects
  • Minimal side effects
  • Acceptable pain level
  • Short recovery time

Suitable for several common cancers

ECT generally has been used since early 1990s is today an established treatment all over the world. The majority of diagnoses are represented by melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancer, breast cancer, and head & neck cancer.


Electrochemotherapy (ECT) in brief

ECT is a way of getting active substances into cancer cells, by using local application of extremely short electrical high voltage pulses. The substance can unfold its effect with increased intensity inside the tumour cell and destroy it. Scientific studies show that ECT is able to significantly raise the effect of traditional cytotoxic drug therapy.


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